Irrigation Maintenance Services

If you own a lawn, then chances are you’ll require some level of irrigation maintenance. Whether you need a basic irrigation maintenance service on an annual basis or more frequently throughout the year, irrigation maintenance and repair are a necessary part of owning a green and beautiful lawn. Irrigation is essentially the process of adding water to plants to help them grow and thrive. The amount of water added, as well as the frequency and quality of the water, can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors including plant type, area of the lawn, availability of water, etc. This can lead to problems for the plants if irrigation maintenance and repair are not carried out as recommended.

irrigation maintenance

Irrigation Maintenance Basics

Here are three key components of an irrigation maintenance schedule that will help ensure your lawn appears its finest. Irrigation maintenance services can be fairly simple affairs but, of course, this is not always the case. While most irrigation systems can often be quite easy to use, all irrigation maintenance should be regularly scheduled and inspected to ensure optimal lawn health and performance.

Are you experiencing any problems with your home sprinkler system? The easiest way to tell if there’s a problem is by looking at the yard itself. Signs that you might have a broken or worn sprinkler head include drips or areas of water left in the centre of the turf, cracks, weak spots, and other problems that may indicate damage to sprinkler heads.


Is your home water pressure set correctly? If your lawn irrigation maintenance routine includes regular checking of the water pressure setting on your home irrigation system, make sure to check your water pressure gauge from time to make sure it is within safe levels. Low water pressure can result in brown spots on your lawn, a lack of vibrant, healthy growth, and an overall lack of irrigation maintenance on your part. This is something that you can easily remedy by simply increasing your water pressure. Additionally, you may want to think about increasing your grass planting height to help your lawn take in more water.

Has your irrigation maintenance department done a regular inspection of your valves and sprinkler heads? Most irrigation maintenance departments will offer inspections to both your home sprinkler system and your valves and heads every month. If you have an issue with either one of these devices, it is a good idea to make it a part of your annual maintenance routine. You should also make sure to replace your irrigation maintenance valves once they are damaged or no longer properly working. If you don’t do this maintenance, you could end up having to deal with problems with your irrigation valves and sprinkler heads that could cost you more money than they are worth.

Common Problems

Are there leaks in your irrigation system that you aren’t aware of? Some leaks in irrigation lines are small, such as ones that occur when a pipe is leaking. Other times, leaks can be more serious, causing water damage to your lawn. You must make sure that you check for any leaks in your irrigation system periodically to prevent problems from getting out of hand. Remember, by not doing maintenance on your irrigation system, you could end up damaging it and having to replace your lawn watering supplies.

irrigation maintenance

Is your irrigation system or sprinkler system at risk of freezing temperatures? If you find that the area that your water has a higher than normal rate of freezing temperatures during the winter months, you may want to consider irrigation winterization. Irrigation winterization is the process of adjusting your irrigation system so that it will better serve your home in the winter months and also so that you can save money on your heating and electric bills.

When you hire irrigation maintenance services to fix any leaks or other issues with your irrigation system, you’ll be able to keep your water bill low and your lawn looking great year-round. Winterizing your irrigation system saves you money on your water bill, keeps your lawn green and beautiful, and also helps to avoid future leaks that can lead to more expensive repairs. It’s easy to fall behind on your irrigation maintenance due to high temperatures, but you don’t have to. By properly winterizing your irrigation system, you can avoid missing three months of watering because of a leaky hose or clogged irrigation lines. Winterizing your system now can save you money later and keep your lawn looking beautiful all through the year.