Garden Design Ideas For Your New Outdoor Space

Garden design is an art and a science. It is an important aspect of home landscaping. The garden has been designed to improve the value of your property. A garden design can make the difference between a home that you love to spend time in and one that is unappealing and wasteful of space.

One reason why garden design might be viewed as non-professional is that it is often perceived to be the work of gardeners alone. Yet many of the best gardens in the world were not created by gardeners. They were the result of years of work by gardeners, landscapers, garden design consultants, and design experts.

garden design

Finding Your Style

Not only design but garden styles also impact your garden. The garden-style you choose will have a significant influence on the final garden design that you choose. So do not hesitate to think outside the box. There are plenty of garden styles out there and plenty of ideas as well. If you have not yet started exploring garden design, I recommend that you start doing so!

The first thing you should do is visit gardens that you find attractive. Do not limit your visits to public gardens, which are often run by professional gardeners, but instead focus on local homes or gardens. You will be amazed at the amazing ideas gardeners have for sprucing up their gardens. Local gardeners are often more open to giving you some free advice than gardeners working for large companies are.


Once you have done this, you will be in a better position to understand design ideas and think about your garden. If you have a pretty small garden, go shopping for garden design accessories such as planters and garden furniture. You can get these from your local garden centre, home improvement store or a garden design store. These shops will sell design accessories such as outdoor furniture, garden heaters, garden rugs, planters and much more. All of these items will make your outdoor space look more complete.

If you have a larger garden design, it may not be possible to obtain design accessories from these stores. If that is the case, do not despair! There are plenty of garden design ideas online and in catalogues. All you need to do is search for garden design magazines.

garden design

Planting and Landscaping

Once you have an idea for your garden design, it is time to start planting! Take some time out to plan your garden and plot your planting areas. You will want to place as much heavier objects as possible on the areas that receive the most sunlight. Heavy planting beds and shrubs should be placed near a window so that they receive the maximum amount of sunlight, as well as shade. Be sure that you take into consideration the importance of sunlight, as too much exposure to direct sunlight can cause frost and damage to your garden.

In addition to the actual garden design, another key component to landscaping is the overall theme of your garden. Gardens can be designed around sports, hobbies, or even a specific geographic region. Themes in garden design are as wide-ranging as individual lifestyles. Many design ideas are used to add interest to public areas, such as parks, playgrounds and museums. Some people plant flowers that bloom throughout the year, which helps to save money because they do not need to purchase seeds every year, thereby reducing the cost of gardening.