Basic Costs For Minimalist Garden Maintenance

One common question that gardeners have is what does garden maintenance entail? Generally, it involves lawn care and weed control, grass cutting/fertilizing, lawn mowing and bush trimming, leaf blowing, garden edging, watering. Garden maintenance service prices range from approximately 30 to 100 per hour, depending upon the kind of services that are rendered. Some companies even offer organic garden maintenance services.

garden maintenance

Common Maintenance Tasks

There are three different types of lawn care maintenance: lawn mowing, leaf blower, and weed control. Lawnmowing involves trimming grass or plants to achieve an equal and smooth height; however, it doesn’t necessarily include fertilizing or mowing. Lawnmowing should be done periodically, especially during the springtime. The time of year when lawn mowing should be performed depends on factors such as weather conditions, level of soil fertility, and the availability of grass clippings or cuttings.

Other garden maintenance tasks that are common include mulching, seeding, weeding, and weed control. Mulching involves removing dead and damaged leaves, stems, and tree cuttings to avoid contamination and decomposition of the soil. It is an important pre-harvest service to help prevent nutrients from leaching into the water table.


Seeding and composting are garden maintenance services that are frequently performed by professional gardeners and maintainers, but a lot of do-it-yourself gardeners also undertake these activities because of their love of Mother Nature. For a dollar or less, you can buy, plant, and tend seeds, using natural and organic materials. At most, the cost of one square foot of artificial grass will last approximately three years. However, a good set of artificial grass seeds may cost up to seven hundred dollars. Weeding can be done by hand; however, it takes time, patience, and a good garden maintenance schedule to ensure that your lawn remains in great shape.

Another popular DIY activity that many people undertake is lawn mowing. However, homeowners need to realize that lawn mowing is not something that can be neglected. Homeowners need to set aside time for regular lawn care. Some lawns may need to be mowed more often than others.

garden maintenance

Hiring a Gardener

If you have a garden caretaker, you will have to pay for the gardener’s professional fees. This fee could include the wages of the gardener, gas for the garden equipment, and any other costs associated with the garden caretaking. Therefore, hiring a gardener may cost up to three hundred dollars.

There are many other costs associated with garden maintenance. Many homeowners do not consider the cost of fertilizer, pest control, or watering. If these tasks are neglected, weeds will grow and your lush lawn will wither away. A weeding service can cost anywhere from twenty-five dollars to several hundred dollars, depending on how extensive the weeds are and how often the service is rendered.

Other service costs that garden maintenance service providers can include pest control, septic tank repair, irrigation service, and the removal of dead leaves or flowers. Each service varies depending on its frequency and the complexity of its job. Some homeowners choose to go with minimalists when it comes to garden maintenance. Others want to keep things as minimalistic as possible.